Free or Low-Cost Ways to Advertise a Local Business

If you own a business that relies on local customers and clients, you need to ensure you're advertising that business. Thinking that you'll have lots of walk-in clientele can be a mistake, no matter your location, while advertising that business will ensure that you are getting all traffic possible through your front door. Since most business owners are on a tight budget, note a few free or low-cost ways of advertising your local business so you can increase foot traffic and improve your overall bottom line.

Social media

If you don't have a social media presence, it's time to get one! Business owners pay top dollar for radio and television advertising, but your own YouTube page can be just as effective. People will also see a Facebook or Twitter account on a friend's page and be impelled to check out what's been posted. Since most social media outlets are free and it doesn't take much of a budget to put together a quick slideshow or video demonstration of your business, you can easily increase foot traffic through these social media channels.

Use press releases

Be sure you're sending out press releases to local reporters who cover your type of industry. This might include local food bloggers or reporters or reporters who cover events in the city. Notify them of your upcoming sales, an open house, a change of your restaurant's menu, and the like. Even a small story in a local paper can mean a tremendous increase in foot traffic, and from there, you might be able to count on word-of-mouth advertising from your new customers.


You can typically post a blog to any number of websites for free; the blog can be found by potential customers without you needing to pay for actual advertising! Blog about anything and everything related to your business; this can be new food trends, events in your city, how to care for your hair, and so on. Your business name, location, hours and all other information would then be posted at the end of each blog to encourage potential customers to stop in and visit.

Car signs

If you don't have a sign or wrap on your car, you're wasting a valuable opportunity to advertise your business every time you're on the road! Car signs are very inexpensive and can be removed when necessary, and car wraps are very eye-catching even when the car is parked. Be sure the sign or wrap has your business name large enough to be seen, and this can mean easy advertising everywhere you go.