Retractable Banner Design Tips to Effectively Sell Your Brand

Whether you're presenting at a tradeshow, business convention or consumer conference, using retractable banners is an excellent way of selling your brand to potential clients and investors. Retractable banners are portable marketing tools that will help communicate your core business message. A well-designed banner will get you noticed and help drive new clients through your front doors. With this in mind, here are a few design tips to consider when making retractable banners for your business.

Come Up with a Strategic Layout 

Retractable banners are meant to be seen as someone walks past them. Therefore, you need to come up with a layout that makes it easy for people to quickly scan through the banner and capture the message you are relaying. In particular, pay attention to where you place the logo and message.

Ideally, the brand logo should be at the top of the banner. People tend to read from up going downwards; therefore, your brand name or logo should be the first thing they see. After that, place the message in the middle of the banner, preferably at eye level. This makes it easy for people to read while walking past the banner.

Draft a Powerful and Concise Message

Don't crowd your banner with a lot of information that doesn't make sense. Most people don't have the time to scan through a lot of information. Thus, keep it short and powerful. What message do you want to send to the people? Is it your brand mission or vision? Or is it a shocking truth or some hardcore facts or beliefs?

Execute your content strategically, so the message hits your audience hard and drives them to interact with your brand. Remember to tie the message to your brand. Finally, use bold text in a size that is legible from across the room

Include High-Quality, Full-Colour Images

When paired with text, images can add visual interest to your banners and capture the attention of your target audience. If you decide to use images, either of products or your brand logo, make them big and vibrant. Also, ensure they are emotionally driven. For example, if you're in real estate, a photo of a beautiful house you recently sold would suffice.

Make sure your images are high-quality. They should be at least 300dpi and suitable for print. Don't pull images from your business website and print them for your banners as they may not have a quality resolution. Work with an expert to design high-resolution images that will effectively convey your message.

The design of your banners can make or break your marketing efforts. These tips should help you create visually appealing banners with a powerful message that will bring more clients to your business.