Why you should consider laser engraving

Laser engraving uses an extremely focussed beam of light to make marks on an object, rather than the more traditional method of using a physical cutting tool. What are the advantages of using this more advanced method of engraving?


Firstly, a laser can engrave an object much more quickly than by using a more traditional method. Each pulse of the laser will vaporise the material, which means the engraving is done instantly and does not normally need another pass.


Another advantage is that the laser is not subject to wear, unlike a physical engraving tool. This means that if you want to make multiple copies, the laser will always produce identical results. This is particularly useful if you are stamping something like a company logo or other identification mark on a large number of items.

Less damage

With a laser engraver, there is no contact between the engraving machine and the object being engraved. This means there is no opportunity for damage caused by the engraving process. Traditional methods can weaken the material and can also cause wear upon the engraving tool itself. This cannot happen to a laser, which will make a clean cut that leaves the object otherwise intact.

Environmental impact

Traditional methods of engraving can use harsh chemicals such as acids to achieve their results. These chemicals can be highly toxic and can be harmful to the environment when they are disposed of. A laser engraver does not need or produce any chemicals and is kinder to the environment. It also produces much less dust than a traditional engraver, as it vaporises any particles that are produced.

Less maintenance

It is also worth bearing in mind that a laser engraver will require very little in the way of maintenance. A physical engraving machine will need to be cleaned and serviced, which will result in a temporary halt to production. A laser engraver will be able to keep going without needing to be repaired.

Different materials

Finally, a laser can engrave many different materials. As well as metal, a laser engraver will work on wood, stone, brick and other hard substances that traditional methods cannot cope with.

Laser engraving is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of adding a design to your products without the risk of causing damage. Just talk to any company offering this service to find out more about the advantages to your business.