Switchboard Engraving for Plastics: Everything You Want to Know About Laser Engraving

When you think about engraved signage for your electrical switchboards, plastics unquestionably come to mind. Plastic stands out among other materials because of its practicality and cost-effectiveness. The fact that you can use recycled plastic to make the material you need for your signage plays out well from a cost perspective. Moreover, plastic can be fabricated into lightweight signage panels for easy installation and replacement.

Today, you are better off using laser engraving for your switchboard signage. Most people have no idea of the laser engraving process and the things they should do to get the best results. Well, here is a discussion that will leave you informed and ready to call the right shots:

Use the Right Techniques

The first step to laser engraving your switchboard signage is to make sure that your engraver uses the right tools and techniques. Note that there are different methods of laser engraving for plastics and related laminates. These are the extraction of materials, foaming and colour change (marking). If the engraver uses the extraction technique, then your base material has to be coated to prevent damage during the process.

All these methods discussed here take place under grid technology. However, your engraver can use vector outputs for signage with single-line fonts.

Use the Right Material

The right material is essential for getting the best results from laser engraving. Ideally, you should use plastics that allow the engravers to imprint the signage fast with as little power as possible. A single pass of the laser beam should get the signage in place with the desired colour alterations for a clean and bright marking. When choosing your plastics, go for laser-friendly strains that will produce the results discussed here. It should not leave any smoke residue or make the cause to become yellow.

The Settings Have an Impact

The best switchboard signage plastics should be clear and bright with one pass of the laser beam. However, you can only achieve this with the appropriate settings on the laser equipment. For large and bold symbols, the settings should focus on clean focus, precision and high-resolution lenses to deliver the beam. Your engraver may also increase dots per inch to ensure that the colour contrast and fine lines show clearly on the switchboard signage. This is important for switchboard signs where you want users to identify and differentiate the symbols with lots of ease. There is no room for mistakes.

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