Factors to Consider When Installing Outdoor Signs

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to add signs to the area outside your business. If you're trying to attract or serve new customers, you'll want to ensure your building is easy to find. The right sign installation can achieve this. Additionally, you may want to attract the attention of those who don't know your business is there. If your signs are going to fulfil their purpose, though, here's what you'll need to consider.

Does it complement your business's building?

Although you want your business's sign to stand out, it needs to complement the scenery in the surrounding area too. There's a fine line between signs that are attention-grabbing and those that are tacky. When considering fonts, colours, and materials, think about whether they accentuate your building and the structures that surround it. If you're using a professional sign design team, ask them to create mock-ups of various signs using their computer software so you can get an idea of what they will look like.

Do you have the relevant permissions?

Depending on where your building is, you may need to seek relevant permissions from local governments. Some authorities may have environmental restrictions due to the ecosystems in the surrounding area. Others may need to seek the go-ahead of various residents before allowing you to erect a sign. Seeking the right permissions can become legally complex. As such, it's best to work with a sign installation team that has experience in this area,

Is the sign in a safe place?

Once you have the right permissions, make sure your sign is in a safe place. For example, is it likely to experience damage during bad weather? Or is it close to large structures such as trees that could cause issues if they continue to grow? You'll also need to consider whether signs at pedestrian levels are safe for people of various heights to walk near. When factoring in safety considerations, reflect on the type of material you're using and whether it's likely to degrade easily in the surrounding environment.

Can customers see it fully?

Finally, when choosing a place for your sign, consider whether customers can see it from a variety of vantage points. This is particularly important if you're relying on the sign to direct them to your business. Think about whether the sign would likely prove useful to you if you didn't already know where your business was. Doing this ensures your sign generates revenue for you after you install it.

If you need help with sign installation, contact a professional in your area.