How To Restore A Weathered Bronze Plaque

Bronze is a copper alloy; therefore, when exposed to the elements it will naturally oxidise and form a green surface. While aged bronze is a style in itself, you may prefer to retain the pristine, shiny appearance your plaque originally had when you bought it.  This simple cleaning process will restore even the most weathered bronze plaques. Step One Remove the plaque from its mount (if it has one). Use a cotton cloth to wipe off any loose dirt or debris. Read More 

Tips for Choosing the Right Material for a New Business Sign

The sign you choose for your business is very important, as it allows customers and clients to easily find your location and also advertises your business to passersby. A sign needs to be visible on a busy roadway, durable for long-term use, and also work to actually get the attention of those walking or driving by. The material you choose for a business sign will affect all these factors, so you want to choose wisely. Read More 

Preparing Computer Graphics For Sign Printing

If you are looking to reproduce your business logo on a sign, decal, business card or other real-world advertisement, you are inevitably going to deal with the digital domain at some point. The computer is an indispensable element of graphic design these days. Many people will be familiar with desktop publishing or Photoshop, but when it comes to preparing graphics for larger displays such as signs, there are a few industry-specific things that you need to be aware of. Read More 

5 Essential Elements to Any Successful Business Signage

As Ace of Base sang in the early nineties, "I saw the sign, and it opened up my mind, I saw the sign." Fast-forward to now and the well known lyrics still apply to the roles and goals of business signage. That is, business signage should be seen, but also capture the imagination of potential customers and those who see it. But there's so more than just being seen to ensure your business signage is a success. Read More