Two tips for retailers who need festive commercial signage

Here are two tips for retailers who need festive commercial signage for their shops.

They should consider adding lights to some of their Christmas signage

Retailers should consider having their sign supplier add twinkling lights to some of their Christmas signage. There are two possible benefits of doing this; the first is that some twinkling red, green or warm white lights will give their premises a festive and cheerful ambience that will make it more fun for people to shop in. If a person is in the festive spirit and is out for a day of shopping, and they see two similar shops, but only one of them has pretty, twinkling festive signage, they'll probably find themselves more drawn to the one with the Christmasy, illuminated signs.

The second possible benefit is that lighting on a retailer's festive signs will make them very noticeable. People's eyes are drawn to any type of bright or flashing light and so shoppers will be more likely to glance at a retailer's signs (and then potentially take an interest in whatever sales message is on them) if they're illuminated. As such, any retailer who's hoping to keep their premises busy throughout this season should consider adding some lights to their festive commercial signage.  

They should keep their shop's other Christmas decor in mind when they order their festive signage

Retailers who need festive commercial signage should keep their shop's other Christmas decor in mind when they place their order for their festive signs. If possible, the new signage should complement their other decor and be of a similar style. For example, if a retailer has a lot of extra-large, whimsical and brightly-coloured Christmas ornaments in their window display, they should ensure their festive signage, which will be hung up near this display, is equally large, colourful and playful. If they were to opt for slightly sombre, understated festive signage that was lacking in colour, it would probably clash with the other Christmas decor.

The signage doesn't need to have the same colours as the shop's other Christmas ornaments but its colouring should complement the rest of the decor. For example, if the retailer's shop display consists of white, blue and silver festive decor, they might want to choose festive signage in somewhat cool-toned reds and greens so that their undertone is similar to that of the other decorations. This will give the shop's Christmas decor a cohesive and pretty appearance, and ensure that the signage doesn't look out of place.