5 Essential Elements to Any Successful Business Signage

As Ace of Base sang in the early nineties, "I saw the sign, and it opened up my mind, I saw the sign." Fast-forward to now and the well known lyrics still apply to the roles and goals of business signage. That is, business signage should be seen, but also capture the imagination of potential customers and those who see it. But there's so more than just being seen to ensure your business signage is a success.

For those considering new signage for their business these elements will ensure you sign is noticed, makes the right impact, and helps to convert people into paying customers:

The Right Size

There's no point investing in signage if no one will see it easily. That's why size matters so much when it comes to commercial signage. Too small and signs will fail to be noticed by passers by, making it important to consider where the sign will be placed and plan sizes accordingly. For example signs targeting foot traffic will be able to be smaller than awning signs that will be target motorists driving by.

Speaking of size, equally important as the size of the actual sign it the size of the lettering. This will depend on where the sign is to be displayed, but outdoor signage should ideally be able to be read from at least 20 metres away and in a legible font.

A Strong Call to Action

All good signage should include a strong call of action to persuade people that see it to take further action. It might be just as simple as asking people to visit the business website, call a phone number, or ask people to register for a reward, or sign up for an exclusive deal. The bottom line is that any effective signage includes a clear way for those whose interest has been piqued to find out more.

Complement Branding of the Business

Signage should complement the overall visual branding of the business so it can quickly and easily be identified. It's a good idea to include any other graphic branding including the company logo, motto or mascot as well as keeping colour schemes consistent with the business branding.

Because people react psychologically to certain colours, principles of research should be considered in developing your business branding, and the signage to support it. Blue for example brings business confidence and works well for professional services, whereas green can represent health and vitality for those operating in the environment or health sectors

Use a Brief and Simple Message

A simple message is crucial if you want people to be able to easily comprehend the sign. Keep sentences short, and consider relying on visuals as well as words to get the message across. Especially when motorists only have seconds to process a sign's message, it's recommended to keep messages between 3-5 words. Signs inside the business can be more detailed, but outdoor signs should be as brief and simple as possible while still getting the message across.

Have Your Business Name Up in Lights

Finally, business signage should be supported with lighting so it can work to promote your business at all times of day. Consider LED lettering, a plastic light box or spotlights fixed above or below a sign to illuminate flat signs after the sun goes down. 

These are just five of the things every business owner should consider for signage success. Consider enlisting the assistance of signage experts for more  help to create high impact signage that will open up the minds of your customers with to do business with you.