Tips for Choosing the Right Material for a New Business Sign

The sign you choose for your business is very important, as it allows customers and clients to easily find your location and also advertises your business to passersby. A sign needs to be visible on a busy roadway, durable for long-term use, and also work to actually get the attention of those walking or driving by. The material you choose for a business sign will affect all these factors, so you want to choose wisely. Note a few tips to discuss with a sign manufacturer when it comes to your business sign material.

1. Wood

Wood signs have a traditional, natural look that can make them appealing and somewhat cozy. They're a great choice for parks and nature preserves, or for apartment complexes where you want to stress a relaxed atmosphere. However, note that wood may chip or crack over time and the material may need repainting or resealing regularly. In tropical areas, wood may absorb more moisture from the soil if it's installed in the ground or even from the air, and this can lead to rot or mildew.

2. Fabric

Fabric signs have the advantage of easy movement in the wind, and this fluttering can attract the attention of passersby. Many flags and other such signs meant to be used as attention-getters are made of fabric for this reason. While this can be good for getting someone's attention, the fabric can also then start to shred in high winds or just over time. You might be prepared to have your signs repaired and then eventually replaced when you choose fabric signs.

3. Metal

Metal is very durable and a metal sign can last almost indefinitely for your business. Since aluminum doesn't rust, it can be a good choice for areas with high humidity. Powder-coated metal also resists fading so that you don't need to have the color reapplied as you do with a wood sign. While the material is durable, note that it may also be a bit industrial. It may not be good for creating a homey feeling with your sign.

4. Acrylic

Acrylic is a type of durable plastic that works well for a variety of business signs. If you want to light the sign from the back, you might opt for a clear acrylic. The material can also be made in a variety of colors, so you can design a sign with the colors of your logo, or any other colors that will work well for your business. While acrylic may look a bit industrial, it's also very affordable and the material usually lasts for years; this makes it a good choice for any indoor or outdoor business sign.