Ways to Display Your Award Medals

If you participate in sports or you like to run races, you probably have started collecting award medals. These medals might be hanging on a lamp in your bedroom or piling up on your desk with no real organization. However, there are some fun and creative ways to display them, while also keeping them from collecting dust. Here are some different ways to display your award medals.

Hang Up a Curtain Rod

This is an easy and cost-effective way to display your award medals. There are many curtain rods to choose from, so don't think you have to use a flimsy plastic shower rod that will take away from the room's décor. There are quite a few curtain rods that actually add to the room's décor, and provide an excellent way to display all those medallions. You simply need to hang the curtain rod on a wall, such as above your bed or above a dresser. You can then slide the medals one-by-one onto the rod, adding to it as you collect more medals.

Put Hooks on a Picture Frame

This works in a few different ways. First of all, you can get a larger collage picture frame that has room at the bottom for adding hooks. The pictures in the frame can be of you training, racing, or winning the various races or games with your teammates. You can then add as many hooks as necessary to the bottom and start hanging your medals from them. All you should need is a screwdriver in order to add the hooks to the picture frame. Another idea is to have a smaller frame with just one hook at the bottom of each frame. Put a picture of the race that won you that medal, then put the medal at the bottom. You can create an entire gallery wall with these frames and medals.

Display the Medallions Only

There are also some medal display ideas where you only display the medallion part of the medals. One way is to add a magnet to the back of each one of your medallions, then place them on your refrigerator. Another idea is to get a military coin display case, and display your medallions in each slot where military coins are usually placed. Finally, consider adding the medallions inside a shadow box picture frame, along with other tokens from the various games or races, such as your racing badge or a picture from the sporting event.