5 Ways to Use Engraved Items for Your Business

An engraved sign can look eye catching over the front door of your business or in the window of your storefront, but engraving isn't just for your main business sign. You may also want to integrate laser engraved products into your business in other ways. Check out the following ideas.

1. Stone Door Stopper

The engraved sign in your window may encourage people to stop, but the engraved stone door stopper holding open your door is what really invites them inside. If you have a stone you love, consider turning into into a decorative and functional door stopper.  

2. Your "About Us" Sign

Your website shouldn't be the only part of your business with an "about us" description. Also, consider putting up a sign in your shop that tells customers a bit about you and the business's history. When you opt to have the details engraved on metal, that lends an air of permanence to your story, and it implies that your business is going to be around for a while. If you work with a skilled metal engraver, they can also engrave photographic images as well as your background story into the sign.

3. Menus

Take an alternative approach and engrave menus or price lists to hang on your walls. This is a unique idea that can act as a conversation piece as well as a functional sign. This is great for restaurants, but it can also work for places like tattoo parlours. You can have a laser engraving service make images of your most popular tattoo designs to hang on the wall.

4. Products

You may also want to engrave some products that you sell, For instance, if you own a shop full of kitchen wares, you can engrave wooden breakfast trays, wine glasses, or other items with your business name and logo to sell to customers. If you own a sporting goods shop, you may want to commission laser engraved water bottles. If you own a toy shop, you may want to create laser engraved blocks. This can be a fun way to offer unique, branded merchandise.

5. Gifts

Of course, you don't just have to engrave items to display or sell in your store. You may also want to consider laser engraving for employee gifts or promotional items. Engrave metal phone cases, keychains, flasks, pocket knives, travel mugs, money clips or countless other items, and give them out to people. You can engrave with your business details, or you can customize each item with your employees' initials to let them know you were thinking about them.